BID and revitalization

Downtown Sandpoint BID

The Business Improvement District boundaries for downtown. Click to enlarge.

Thank you for choosing to locate your business in downtown Sandpoint’s B.I.D.!
Sandpoint is an active, pedestrian and bicycle friendly place, a social focal point for the community, providing opportunities for dining, entertainment, shopping and personal services, as well as community events. Downtown is a source of community pride for residents and businesses.

As a business owner in the Sandpoint Business Improvement District, we want to ensure you have all the information you need to fully understand how your BID investment works – for YOU!

What is a ‘BID’?
A Business Improvement District (BID), is a public/private partnership in which property and/or business owners have elected to make a collective contribution to the maintenance, development and promotion of their commercial district. The BID is based on state and local law, which permits property owners and merchants to band together to use the City’s tax collection powers to self-assess properties, thereby creating a reliable, multi-year source of funds for economic development.

The Sandpoint BID was voted upon and established in 2000. All properties within the district (bounded by Superior to Larch and First to Sixth) are subject to an annual assessed fee from the City of Sandpoint for the BID.

What does a BID do?
Business Improvement Districts deliver a range of supplemental service in coordination with municipal services – an investment in the long-term economic development of the district.

Sandpoint BID’s services include:

  • Services:
    • Maintenance: Weekend/On-call Caretaker, Holiday Lighting, Spring Clean-up events, and Mutt Mitts.
    • Administrative: Creation/maintenance of member database (in cooperation with the City), BID website, event and marketing management, budget management, grant research/submission, event analytics.
    • Capital Improvements: Kiosk at City parking lot, Mutt Mitt dispensers, and cooperative efforts for benches, way-finding signage, SPOT bus stops and bike racks.
  • Marketing: The BID promotes Downtown Sandpoint as a Shopping, Dining, Arts & Entertainment, wrap-around personal and professional services destination. This includes: “Downtown Dialogue” monthly radio show, radio ads – “You can find it in the BID’, event specific posters, print ads, radio remotes and ads, press releases, Facebook, co-op advertising and visiting group promotional opportunities. (when available and appropriate). From A to Z – you can find it in the B.I.D.!
  • Events: The BID organizes, promotes and/or collaborates on numerous downtown events including: Hometown Holidays with Santa on the Bridge, Summer Sounds, Kochava Mobile Summit, Winter Carnival, Wooden Boat Show and Oktoberfest.
  • Beautification: Summer Flower Basket Program, Holiday lights on trees, Shake out the Sand & Sand Creek Clean-up, Winter Greens in baskets for Holidays through Winter Carnival.
  • Communication: The BID sends out a quarterly newsletter and information relevant to doing business in Sandpoint’s BID. E-mail [email protected] to get signed up!
  • Business Development: The BID works with many agencies, including City of Sandpoint, SURA, the Bonner County EDC, Visit Sandpoint and the Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce to promote economic vibrancy in Sandpoint.
  • Advocacy: The BID is recognized by Sandpoint City Council as the primary advocate on downtown issues.

How is the BID Funded?
Funds are generated from a special self-assessment based on net square footage, and are paid quarterly by the benefitted business owners within the defined BID boundaries. The assessment is billed and collected by the City of Sandpoint, and then dispersed to the BID, which in turn delivers the district’s services.

How is the BID Managed?
The BID has a manager and a BID Council made up of nine individuals representing local business sectors as well as a four-person ad hoc team including representation from the City and various agencies. The overall management of the BID resides in the Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce.

The BID is working for you!
If you have questions, please call 208-263-2161 or e-mail [email protected].