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Want to locate your business in downtown Sandpoint? You should! It’s an outstanding locale for businesses, whether focused on the local market or aimed at the world.

Learn more about the advantages of doing business in Sandpoint, Idaho:

Idaho ranks number two among the eight western states in overall cost of doing business.

  • Idaho has the lowest workers’ compensation costs among those states.
  • Idaho ranks number two for low labor costs.
  • Idaho ranks number three for employee benefit costs.
  • Idaho ranks number two in per capita taxes.
  • Idaho has the lowest natural gas utility costs.
  • Idaho has the lowest electric utility costs.
Current Mix in the Sandpoint Shopping District

Sandpoint’s business community includes a wonderful variety of retail stores, professional and service businesses:

12 Auto – dealers, repair, maintenance 7 Communications – media, internet 6 Contractors 36 Restaurants, bars 8 Educational 10 Entertainment – theaters, arts groups, recreational 61 Finance, Insurance, Real Estate 7 Lodging 34 Medical 43 Professional – accounting, architectural, engineering, legal 87 Retail – apparel, books, drug stores, florist, galleries, grocery, furnishings, gifts, hardware, jewelry, office supply, photo, sporting goods 38 Service 1 Wholesaler
Investment and Development
Sandpoint is proud of the continuing private investment being made in the Sandpoint Shopping District. Much time and energy has been invested in enhancing the aesthetics of the business district and is contributed on a daily basis by all business owners. Estimated financial investment by property owners over the last decade well exceeds $50 million.

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