There is a lot going on in Downtown Sandpoint. Many fun events are planned and happening all the time. 
Below are some upcoming events you might be interested in.

Coming Soon...

2024 – General Calendar of Events for the Shopping District

All events listed below involve special deals from Shopping District members and may include giveaways such as concert tickets, gift cards, and other amazing prizes.  These events are always a welcome addition to the calendar year and go a long way in helping keep the city of Sandpoint and the businesses and families represented by the those businesses thriving.  We, as Shopping District members, are always appreciative of your continued support.  Thank you!


Spring Fling

Lost in the 50’s

Summer Solstice – potential event.  Details will be posted when available.

Crazy Days.  37 years and running!

Apple Fest

Black Friday
Shop Small Saturday
Giving Tuesday

Ladies Night
Are You Yeti for Christmas?